How do I pay

You can pay by bank card. If you want an invoice, we must be informed when you make the reservation so that we can do a credit check in advance.

What does your satisfaction guarantee include

We provide one of the market’s best satisfaction guarantees when we do a move out cleaning. This means that if the buyer of the home is satisfied, we will come back and correct it within 24 hours or by agreement with the new owner.

Will you bring your own supplies

Yes, our cleaners have the necessary cleaning equipment. If there are any special needs, such as that it is higher under the roof than normal, it must be informed so that we have extra ladder or other equipment.

How long will a move out cleaning take

How long a moving wash takes will depend on how big the home is and how it is maintained. Normally we finish a move out cleaning during a working day. If it is a larger home, it will be done with 2 or more cleaners. If you want the cleaning to be finished at a certain...

Can I move and clean with same day

Normally we can perform moving and move out cleaning the same day. This will of course depend on how big the moving job is and will agreed individually for each assignment.