Cleaning service Oslo

Cleaning Service Oslo⏐ Totalflytting Oslo AS offer professional move in and move out cleaning.

Cleaning Service Oslo

Are you moving and looking for a cleaning company in Oslo? Totalflytting Oslo AS is a moving company Oslo that provide high quality cleaning service for move in or move out cleaning, professional cleaners at your doorstep. Cleaning services include a wide range of dynamic cleaning sectors includes; residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, post-construction cleaning, apartment cleaning, move in or move out cleaning, etc. 

We provide the cleaning of your home, storage, business area and your office.

Cleaning service Oslo

Home cleaning

We aim to provide skilled and professional sweepers who can clean your houses, offices for you, guests, employers, and clients because you can stay healthy in a clean environment. Our team will use eco-friendly detergents for cleaning purposes. Because of our environmentally friendly services and skilled team with qualitative work, we stand out from the crowd in Oslo.

A Collaborative Approach in Oslo

As Oslo continues to grow, both in population and global significance, the demand for efficient moving solutions has skyrocketed. Recognizing this, local authorities and moving companies have embarked on a collaborative journey to streamline the moving process for residents and businesses alike. This partnership is not just about moving belongings from point A to B; it’s about creating a supportive ecosystem that facilitates transitions, minimizes disruptions, and ensures that every move contributes positively to Oslo’s vibrant community fabric.

We work with other moving companies in Oslo and can help you with everything from local moving jobs to moving between cities and moving abroad.

Cleaning service Oslo include

Residential and commercial cleaning

It’s very tiresome, and you get tired of cleaning your house. After spending the whole day in office, working all day in the office and returning home, or enjoying the weekend and getting a dirty house will probably destroy your mood and weekend. A clean house is a real peaceful place to live in it.

Commercial companies have to clean their office daily. For commercial services, the team of cleaning service Oslo provide the trained staff who are expert at cleaning who have a minimum chance of getting an error at work. Cleaning service Oslo provides the best cleaning service. We have new technology and machinery for cleaning purposes that give a new and appealing look to your floor.

Window cleaning service:

No matter how hard a worker you are. The cleaning window is not an easy task. Cleaning service Oslo provides the expert team who clean your glass material as it was at the time of construction. To give your old and dirty window a new look, hire a professional team of the window cleaners.

Move in and move out cleaning

Moving in and moving out:

When relocating from one place to another, it is your social responsibility to clean the house when leaving an apartment, house, or office. Cleaning service Oslo provides the expert team that will help you in cleaning purposes. Cleaning service Oslo uses the advanced technology of cleaning and keeps the indoor environment and inhabitant health safe.

Totalflytting Oslo AS clean your home, lights, and dust, and when you move your furniture to another place, then washing the house with detergent is done. We take care of your necessary items; we know how much the items belong to you. Cleaning should be done like it’s our own house, and clean every corner of the house with love.

Why choose us


We feel the pride to serve humanity for many years with positive feedback. We believe in a trustworthy relationship; it’s our reliability to letting someone go into your house or office. We strictly vetted all our cleaner so you can trust our team blindly. If any loss occurs, then we will bear it for you.

Save time:

Our team is an expert in cleaning and will do work for you, so you can spend our quality time doing office work or spending it with your family or doing something essential for you. Professional cleaners will know the new techniques and equipment for cleaning purposes; that’s why they work fast.

Save money:

Save money and do not spend extra money on buying cleaning equipment. Hire cleaning service Oslo will bring their advanced equipment with them. Our team will satisfy you with their work than return back. Your satisfaction is our success.

Professional work:

Cleaning service Oslo provides the right method of cleaning to sparkle your home. Professional cleaners will touch each corner of our house to remove dust and give a freshening look to the house as required.

All cleaning companies must be authorised by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in order to operate legally.

Totalflytting Oslo AS
Dælenenggata 40 D, 0567 Oslo
Telefon: 988 54 790

Frequently asked questions about cleaning service

We charge kr. 80,- pr. square meter and minimum charge is kr. 4000,-
If you need cleaning of your refrigerator, freezer, stove, micro, kitchen fan, fire place or balcony we charge extra for that. Remember to clear all your belongings before moving out.

Normally we can perform moving and move out cleaning the same day. This will of course depend on how big the moving job is and will agreed individually for each assignment.

How long a moving wash takes will depend on how big the home is and how it is maintained. Normally we finish a move out cleaning during a working day. If it is a larger home, it will be done with 2 or more cleaners. If you want the cleaning to be finished at a certain time, you can write it in your expression of interest and we will do everything to satisfy your wishes.

Yes, our cleaners have the necessary cleaning equipment. If there are any special needs, such as that it is higher under the roof than normal, it must be informed so that we have extra ladder or other equipment.

We provide one of the market’s best satisfaction guarantees when we do a move out cleaning. This means that if the buyer of the home is satisfied, we will come back and correct it within 24 hours or by agreement with the new owner.

You can pay by bank card. If you want an invoice, we must be informed when you make the reservation so that we can do a credit check in advance.